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The human desire to express oneself is a continual, powerful and important thing. There are many ways to express our thoughts, feelings or emotions. Expressing ourselves in creative ways is something very special.

But really, isn’t all of this about connection? I think so. As well I think humans are very social beings and of course connectivity is part of being social. Especially in the Colombian culture, connectivity is very important.

So with my God given talents, especially regarding painting, I have chosen to express myself through my creative talents and painting passions. My art is one of my greatest passions and  communication techniques.

My words here are a way to summarize what I think, feel and express and another way how I communicate, in summary, my inner world to the outside world. My hope is, as you view my collection of abstract paintings , is that you will tune in to what personally arises within you as you view my abstract paintings and that my paintings will conjure up, perhaps provoke and release what can stimulate you uniquely, surprisingly in the world of art.

Maybe my art can also help you understand further what abstract art can be, how it can be enjoyed and very different, in a good way, from art defined as realism, literal and traditional. 

Your Abstract Expressionist – Rick Citta ( Ricky Pintor)

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09 - 11 Jun 2021

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09 - 13 Jun 2021

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